The organization Insignia Consultants is owned by M/s M.S.Trading. It was conceptualized in 2002 to provide a platform for corporates , exporters, importers and individuals and retail investors to manage their investment needs including commodity (Bullion, base metals, and Currencies ) related risk, foreign exchange risk and Investment needs in an effective manner. This portal on risk management has been designed after extensive researches gained from our experience.

Various aspects of Investment risk management is need among all classes of investors. It was felt that there was a need to provide a platform for those exposed to commodities (Bullion, base metals, and agricultural products), and foreign exchange risk whereby they would be able to procure real time analysis to hedge their risks and keep abreast with the ever changing government policies in a fast and economical manner . A FIRM “WHERE ANALYSIS DEFIES RISK AND CREATES AND INVESTMENT OPPURTUNITY FROM VOLATILITY”

Every financial market has a “Tendency to Overshoot as well as Undershoot” at any given point of time. Hedging of risk is of utmost importance if you or your company are exposed to such risks.

Our Company

1 Company Overview

We are an “Investment Risk Solution” company engaged in providing consultancy services in the following areas:
Foreign Exchange.
Commodities (COMEX, NYMEX, LME, FOREX ).
Investment portfolio advising (GLOBAL).
If one has an exposure in financial markets then there will be an uncertainty on the outcome of the exposure. We provide timely and appropriate hedging strategies so that one gains out of the volatility in the financial markets instead of missing out on the same. Hedging is a recipe to make money as well as minimize risk.

2 Commodities

We provide reports on metals and energy in LME, COMEX and NYMEX exchanges. If you are dealing in physical commodities as well we also provide solutions for the same to maximize your gains & reduce your risk in the ever fluctuating markets.

3 Foreign Exchange

Any firm into imports or exports is invariably exposed to the fluctuations in the currencies. We help exporters and importers from the time foreign exchange risk arises till the time it ends. For exporters costing in USD/Euro etc for their new orders till payment is collected and received. For importers costing in USD/Euro etc till actual payment is made.

4 Investment Portfolio Advising

If you have $1000 to invest do you know where to invest so that your return is maximized without a corresponding increase in risk. We advise on the financial portfolio strategy based on one’s risk appetite and expected returns. We also advise on making investment in global markets as well.
We would like to state that being a professional group we would endeavor to do our best to help you in managing your financial risk. We would also like to state that all information provided by you relating to your financial exposure shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and shall not be disclosed to any person without your express written approval. We look forward to establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your company.

Our Services


We provide 2 Reports/Newsletters Daily


A Daily Report/Newsletter is prepared for GLOBAL Currency Futures and Options.


We advice Exporters and Importers regarding foreign exchange costing and also advice them on currency risk management and hedging


Any GLOBAL trader or investor can seek advice from us about their Loss making open positions. The advice would ensure that the loss is minimised.